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Official documents translated into another language do not have full legal force unless they are notarised. In order for a certificate, certificate or contract to be used for submission to various state authorities, a notarised translation is required. The translation company offers its services in this area, favourably, promptly and inexpensively.

Notarial translation: peculiarities of the procedure

The subtleties and legal aspects of working with documents in different languages require a clear and thoughtful approach. Translation certification is a necessary procedure when preparing a package of documents for various official bodies of each country. Its specifics and types: 

  • Notarised translation is the certification of the translator's signature by a notary. In this case, it does not confirm the correctness of the translation itself. Such documents may be translated only by a qualified specialist with higher education strictly in his/her speciality. The translations are certified in the presence of the translator in person;
  • In addition to certifying the translator's signature, the notary may also certify a copy or photocopy of the document at the same time;

Services of a notary translation agency

  • We translate official documents promptly and accurately, strictly according to form and standard. In order to save you time, the notary certifies translations quickly.

The Notary Translation Agency offers a number of additional services:

  • Ordering translation and submitting documents remotely;
  • Translation and its certification upon ordering;
  • Co-operation with any notary of the city (in case of such a client's request, the translator leaves for the notary office immediately after the translation is made).
  • Notarised translation of any official documents, from identity cards to certificates and contracts, we perform qualitatively and promptly, at affordable and favourable rates.

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Our company provides translation of any documents, any complexity and subject matter (personal documents, complex technical instructions, medical annotations and other medical documents, legal documents, artistic works, oral translations, etc.).

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