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Translation of personal documents

Translation of a passport, diploma or birth certificate, various legal documents or contracts, personal correspondence, technical texts, instructions - this is by no means a complete list of services you can order from us. Experienced and qualified translators work here.
Most personal documents are considered standard, except for military tickets, diploma supplements, extracts from birth or marriage certificates, for more precise costs please call for more information +37444010173

The standard documents are the following: 

  • passport
  • marriage certificate
  • birth certificate
  • divorce certificate
  • death certificate
  • change of surname certificate
  • driving licences
  • vehicle licence
  • residence permits
  • pension certificate
  • certificate of criminal record
  • certificate from the housing and utilities department
  • salary certificate
  • bank certificate
  • certificate of employment
  • certificate of state registration of property
  • taxpayer identification number
  • certificate of ownership
  • diploma
  • certificate
  • insert to the certificate ....

Our benefits:
Promptness of work. Translation of a passport or other standard document can be performed immediately after the order, in the presence of the client;
The best specialists. The translation agency works with documents in any language, even rare and little-used ones;
Legal literacy. Professionals of our agency carry out translations strictly according to the form, certifying them with their own stamp or, if necessary, notarised;
Wide range of services. You can order translation of documents of any complexity, with different specific or technical terms, processing of handwritten documentation, simultaneous translation into several languages.
Standard documents: translation of a marriage certificate, diploma or certificate quickly and professionally.
Our company can translate documents of any complexity. Among them there are standard documents, the form of which is the same for all, only the internal data differs. Such translations are often required by those who work in different countries of the world, conclude contracts with foreigners, or simply plan a tourist trip to distant lands.

Types of standard documents we work with:
Identity Documents. You can order a translation of a passport or driving licence, student or pension card, passport or other similar documents;
Civil status. The translation agency works with marriage, birth or death certificates, divorce certificates, documents confirming paternity or relinquishment of paternity, adoption documents. Translation of the certificate can be notarised in our company;
Education. Sometimes for work or study abroad it is necessary to translate a diploma, school certificate, professor's or associate professor's certificate. We carry out such work qualitatively and very accurately, in compliance with all international requirements.
Special offers and services of our translation agency:
In addition to these standard documents, we translate all types of certificates, certificates, licences and agreements. You can order translation of documents of legal entities, notarial documents related to real estate and other property.


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Our company provides translation of any documents, any complexity and subject matter (personal documents, complex technical instructions, medical annotations and other medical documents, legal documents, artistic works, oral translations, etc.).

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